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Matching Grant Programs

Aetna's four Matching Grant Programs support employees and retirees who generously contribute their time or money to nonprofit organizations.

Our Disaster Response program matches donations targeting disaster response, relief or reconstruction made to eligible organizations. Donations of up to $5,000 per person, per year are eligible for matching funds.

Our Volunteer Grants program will provide a grant of up to $300 to any eligible organization at which an individual volunteers 20 hours or more in a calendar year.

Our Personal Donations program matches up to $5,000 of donations per person, per year to a qualifying nonprofit.

We also match donations through the annual Giving Campaign, which supports the United Way, Community Health Charities, and any other eligible organizations that our donors value.

More information

Employees and retirees may submit an online matching grant request by clicking here.

Full information on all of the matching grant programs is available in the Aetna Foundation Matching Grant Program Guidelines.

These guidelines are subject to change at any time by the Aetna Foundation, and represent the current, official rules pertaining to these programs. This document always takes precedence over other versions or summaries of Aetna Foundation matching grant program rules.

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Our mission
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