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Regional Grants - Information Only

Our 2014 Program is currently closed.

Aetna Foundation Guidelines:  Grants must meet both our General Funding Guidelines as
well as the criteria outlined on our Regional Grants page.

Amount: The Aetna Foundation will consider requests at two levels -  $25,000 or $50,000 - which may include up to 15% for indirect costs. The Aetna Foundation reserves the right to award grants at less than the full amount requested. The number of grants and total dollars we award will depend on the quantity and quality of applications received and availability of resources.  Submission of an application does not guarantee funding.

Project Timeline: Project timelines should not exceed 12 months. Applicants should schedule projects to start at least five months after our grant application deadline date to accommodate
our proposal review process. Project end dates should reflect the conclusion of all activities, including program evaluation and reporting.

Frequency of Submissions:  The Aetna Foundation generally awards only one grant per organization in a calendar year. Current grantees may apply for continued funding; the new project cannot start until after the conclusion of your existing grant.

Regional Grants Application Review Process:  Aetna Foundation staff reviews complete applications (including attachments) for quality and alignment with our program goals.
Foundation staff will refer recommended applications to our regional grants committees for their evaluation and comment. Funding decisions are made by Aetna Foundation staff.

We encourage applicants to submit proposals as early as possible during the application cycle. This program is very competitive. We reserve the right to adjust program guidelines, including submission deadlines, and to reject any or all proposals.

Evaluation Criteria: 

  • Alignment with the program’s focus and guidelines
  • Quality and completeness of application
  • Defined impact on community need and population served
  • Reasonable and justifiable budget
  • Strength of proposal, including project plan, outcomes and impact measures
  • Potential for project success and impact

Award Notification:  We generally make decisions to fund or decline applications within 150 days after the funding cycle submission deadline. We inform applicants about our decision through e-mail. Due to the large volume of requests we receive, we are unable to provide feedback on declined applications.

Frequently Asked Questions:  Visit our Frequently Asked Questions for additional information about our grant making guidelines and our online proposal submission system.

Our Mission
Our mission
Our mission is to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone, while supporting the communities
                                           we serve. 

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