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Frequently Asked Questions


What types of organizations do you support?
We support nonprofit organizations with evidence of IRS 501(c)(3) designation or de facto tax-exempt status. Please refer to the Aetna Foundation’s General Funding Guidelines for more information. You will need your tax identification number to enter our online application system.

Do you accept unsolicited proposals?
We accept unsolicited proposals solely for our Regional Grants Program at this time. To apply for a grant, you must submit your proposal through our online application system.

Do you accept proposals for sponsorships?
We are not accepting unsolicited sponsorship proposals at this time. The Aetna Foundation may, on occasion, solicit nonprofit sponsorship proposals.


How do I learn more about your Regional Grants Program?
Please visit our Regional Grants page for current program information, including designated locations.

Will you consider a proposal that is outside your designated locations?
We are not accepting unsolicited proposals for projects outside of our designated locations at this time. Proposals for projects outside of these locations are by invitation only.

How early do I need to submit my application?
Our Regional Grants Program is highly competitive. We encourage you to submit your completed application as early as possible in the application cycle to avoid last-minute complications or submission issues. We cannot accept or consider late submissions.  The Aetna Foundation reserves the right to adjust program guidelines, including submission deadlines, at any time. 

National and International

Can I apply for a grant through your National Grants Program?
We do not accept unsolicited requests for funding through our National Grants Program at this time. Instead, we develop projects directly with targeted nonprofit organizations. We may also issue specific Requests for Proposals.

Do you fund projects outside of the United States?
We do not accept unsolicited requests for funding projects outside of the United States at this time. Instead, we develop projects directly with targeted nonprofit organizations.


What are indirect costs?
These are overhead expenses that relate to overall operations or are shared among projects or functions. Examples of indirect costs include accounting, grants management, legal services, insurance, utilities, and facilities.

Do you support any type of operational expenses?
We support up to 15% of indirect costs as described above. We generally do not make grants designed solely to fund operational expenses or general operations.

Do you have any other limits to grant requests?
Our grants can support no more than 20% of your organization's overall annual budget.

Application Completion/Submission

Will I need to complete the online application all at once?

You may start an application and then save it and finish it later. You will need to re-enter the online application portal to do this. Log in with the e-mail address and password you used to create your application. You will see a list of your organization's applications. Click on the one you need to finish.

Can I revise my application after I've submitted it?
No. If you need to add or change information, please contact us.
We reserve the right to decline, without review, proposals missing required information or supporting documentation.

How will I know that you received my application?
After you click the Submit button, you will receive an e-mail confirming that we received your application. You also will see this information listed under "Submitted Applications" when you log in to the online application portal.

Note: Our confirmation e-mails and other communications from our online submission software are sometimes routed as spam by recipients’ email systems. To avoid missed communications, please add the Aetna Foundation and Salesforce (the name of our database management platform) to your contact list or electronic address book. We also recommend that you check your spam folder periodically.

Our Mission
Our mission
Our mission is to promote wellness, health, and access to high-quality health care for everyone, while supporting the communities
                                           we serve. 

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